Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Good 2B Forgotten

Long after the flowers have faded, the photos emailed, the DJ packed up for the next party...the prom dress remains. For some teens, the dress packs too much sentimental value ever to part with. For others, it represents a chance to help another girl's dream come true.

Donate My Dress organizes local dress drives in an online database that helps generous teens pass on, to financially struggling peers, the dresses they've worn for prom, sweet 16, quinceaƱera or other special occasions. 'Cause pretty is as pretty does ;)

(image: Betsey Johnson dress & accessories in Elle Girl magazine)


  1. great post, in my area a couple local businesses have come together and they become drop off points for dresses - then they host a big "shopping day" for the girls in need to come try on and pick out dresses - complete with alterations, hair stylists and everything donated to make the girls have a great prom!

    Every year the need gets bigger so let's hope the word gets out to more girls to share.

  2. thank you! how fantastic to have one-stop-shops set up for the girls!

  3. Wow u guys rock my boyfriend loved it he made out with me and said your so beautiful so thanx guys I love all y'all