Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heartbreak Hotel

(photo: Sontra via photopin cc)
While this Valentine's Day will be heart-filled & happy for many teens, it's a sad fact of life that for some, the timing will be awful. February is indeed the cruelest month for a romantic breakup. But just like being a good friend is the top way kids can help kids in day to day life, being a caring, respectful boyfriend or girlfriend can turn any teen into an everyday hero -- especially when it's time to end a relationship. Here's some good advice for breakups, culled from kidshealth.org:

  • Be honest about why you're breaking up with your guy or girl, but not brutally so. Use tact.
  • Think through all the ways the person might react, and try to prepare yourself. 
  • Break up in person! Would you want someone to break up with you via Facebook or text?
  • Rush the conversation. Take some time to consider your reasons and how you'll handle this.
  • Tell others beforehand that you're planning to break up with your GF or BF. They might blab.
  • Badmouth or gossip about your ex after you've broken up. Golden Rule, karma, whatever you call it -- it's just not smart.
Teens who find themselves guiding a friend through splitsville may want to show him or her this online "mending a broken heart" quiz from WebMD. Answering it together is a fun distraction, and you'll both learn something in the process.

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