Monday, September 20, 2010

Deja-Vu Hero

image: CBS
First Reese Ronceray, now Logan Hearn -- heroes under 10 who saved even younger kids from drowning.

Two-year-old Brendan Hearn might have died last month in his family's pool without the quick response of Logan, his 9-year-old brother. Mom Tabitha called 911 and started CPR, but Logan (who apparently had taken lifeguard lessons) felt she was doing it wrong and "kind of told me just to move out of the way," said Tabitha. He continued CPR "like it should be done," she said, "and it was working!"

"To have that compusure...that patience, you know, is just amazing at that age," added dad Brent Hearn in an "Early Show" interview. Amen!

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